DC Limousine Pricing Information

For when you need fast and reliable transportation.

The prices here at DC Limousine fluctuates on a day to day basis. In general the busiest time of year lasts from the start of May and ends around the start of September. In order to maximize your dollar, we always make the suggestion of changing the limousine service to a time that does not fall in this time frame. Of course, there are many ways of not spending as much money when it comes to using a limousine. Since we can't exactly list our prices we will tell you how you can make a limousine affordable for any income level! So read further in order to save yourself some cash!

As we said earlier, a wonderful way of spending less is to schedule during our off season. This makes so that it is possible to get your limousine at a much more affordable price and lets you to take part in a fantastic time with your loved ones. Call us by calling 1-(202) 999-4646 so you can find out if the vehicle that you like is available for rental. The customer service representatives at DC Limousine are sitting by the telephone waiting for your call so pick up the phone and dial right now!

If your event has a strict schedule and you cannot book during the off season that is alright—you need not worry! Our least expensive days for renting a limousine are Monday through Thursday. Those days are the "off season" of the week if you will. Sunday is the next cheapest day, followed by Friday. Of course that leaves Saturday which just so happens to be our least affordable time. If the time is flexible, you can always save money by renting your vehicle during the day time.

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